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2k18 My Career Wishlist Leak

Watch 2k release some juicy details about their new “Neighborhood”. NBA 2k18 has been among the most anticipated video games in the past years. Die hard NBA 2k series fans want to learn what the brand new NBA 2K18 will bring after it’s finally released. The popular simulated baseball match has grown each year with […]

2k18 Release Date?

This fall, it will Be NBA 2K18 year around again. The game was only officially supported by 2K games, and several are excited about the new features and gameplay that it will come with. Lots of new players are expected to play with this launch of the NBA 2K series, as it will be released […]

Top 5 NBA 2K18 gameplay expectations

It has just been officially confirmed that the newest game in the NBA 2K series will be released this coming September. Specifically, NBA 2K18 will be released for gamers this September 19. With those that pre-order the game being able to get it 4 days earlier, on September 15. And if you are wondering what […]

The Nintendo Switch Sold Out Everywhere

The people at Nintendo never figured that the Nintendo Switch would be sold out everywhere so quickly. Well, perhaps they did and most others didn’t. The popular console has would be customers eagerly waiting for stores to re-stock their shelves. The Switch is the 7th major home videogame console that Nintendo has developed. It may […]

The Greatest NBA Players List

When it comes to the NBA and who the greatest of all time players are, the arguments are many. Some feel that certain players should be included while others argue that some should not. There are also those that argue about the ranking positions given to certain players. One of the toughest jobs anyone can […]