2k18 My Career Wishlist Leak

Watch 2k release some juicy details about their new “Neighborhood”.

NBA 2k18 has been among the most anticipated video games in the past years. Die hard NBA 2k series fans want to learn what the brand new NBA 2K18 will bring after it’s finally released. The popular simulated baseball match has grown each year with every new installment. This NBA 2k18 wishlist features for MyCarer mode goes over some of those expectations fans have concerning 2k18. My Career Mode is among the most talked about topics in regards to NBA 2k18 wishlist.


They gather to discuss potential adjustments or additions they would like to see to games that they play. The 2k series are no exception. Still, developers will need to have these suggested changes in front of them at least a year before they could even consider them. It doesn’t indicate that they’ll add them, though. But, they will, in the very least, consider them. In some cases, they really do take the fans suggestions and make a few of those changes.


The NBA 2k18 wishlist has been going on for a while now anyway. Actually, it began soon after the 2k17 was published. In part, each installment that comes after its predecessor typically contains a lot of these suggestions and enhancements.


Once in a while you will get a reminder that you’re enjoying a video game when you see clipping going on. Seeing a participant’s head, leg or arm go through another player or a static thing stinks. It brings you back to reality when you’re playing the simulated game. While it’s very difficult to reach 100% collision detection, it can be made better. Hardcore fans want this to be improved as soon, and as far as possible.


Badges from the 2k world are very important. But they are also underrated and need to be expanded. With badges, players can go beyond and above their overall ratings once every so often. This makes the game more real since it happens from the NBA and lifestyle as well. A larger source of badges could be fantastic in 2k18.


NBA 2k17 allows players personalize players. But, there’s still a lot of space left for some developments. Among those NBA 2k18 best wishlist will be being able to create additional players. And more room for the customization of those players you create. The custom shoe creator in NBA 2k17 is wonderful. But, in addition, it has some limitations that prevent it from becoming better. One of these is not having the ability to share the custom shoes you create with the rest of the 2k community of players.


Among those things every gamer wants to be added into the 2k18 wishlist is MyCareer mechanics corrections. They want the characters they choose to function as they need to. It’s the wish of 2k series enthusiast that issues like the height, weight, and wingspan of a player, be taken into account. NBA 2k17 did not offer you these mechanics. Fans need them added and enhanced in 2k18codes.com.


The Archetypes mechanics will allow any participant to create a new identity exclusively. Using archetypes can allow a gamer fit talents in players. Every specific talent can be delegated to a participant via specific traits. An example would be assigning some traits that could produce the player you choose better against others in certain specific moves or skills. It is possible to pick a player’s present potential and add or remove from his speed, strength, 3-pt shooting, handles, driving dunk ability and so on.

Hopefully, developers will hear at least some of the suggestions and wishlists that 2k fans desire. For now, the only choice would be to wait until the NBA 2k18 is finally released to determine if these fantasies will come true for them.

2k18 Release Date?

This fall, it will Be NBA 2K18 year around again. The game was only officially supported by 2K games, and several are excited about the new features and gameplay that it will come with. Lots of new players are expected to play with this launch of the NBA 2K series, as it will be released on multiple different consoles. And for his next appearance in an NBA 2K18 game, Shaq again is about the pay for NBA 2K18. If you would like to know more about this basketball game, then you need to continue on reading this site, to find out more about if the NBA 2K18 upcoming release date will probably be.

NBA 2K18 to be Released this September

2K Games, the Many fans of this game are already excited for the autumn, since it will mean another launch of the NBA 2K18 game. The game will be intended for launch on September 19 for several different consoles. On September 19, players will find the game in their PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles as well. People who pre-order the game will receive their game much sooner, on September 15. So you might want to pre-order NBA 2K18 if you would like to it much earlier.

Support for different consoles

In order to attract New fans to the NBA 2K18 game, there’s been an expansion of support for the number of consoles that the game is going to be released on. Gamers, who own the Nintendo Switch, will even get to see that the NBA 2K18 introduced for their own console. This is a move by the writer, 2K Games, to enlarge the number of individuals who are devoted fans of the game. This is the first time that an NBA 2K match was released for a Nintendo console.

Different match Variants to be released

Another thing to Look forward to with the release of NBA 2K18 is a lot of distinct versions of the game. If players were to get the Legend Edition of NBA 2K18, they have the ability to become exclusive content. There is going to be a Shaq jersey that will be included for the Miami Heat group, in this Legend Edition.

You can expect the Newest NBA 2K18 forthcoming release date to be sometime in mid-September. You can Attempt to get the sport as early as you can if you pre-order. And there are a Lot of goodies and exclusive articles that you can get if you opt to pre-order the game. This exclusive Content will even come bundled with all the digital version of the match as well. So even in the event that you get the PC version of NBA 2K18, you can nevertheless Receive all of the other goodies that the PlayStation or Xbox version of the game, will become also. This brand new NBA 2K18 promises to be among The best in the series so far.

Top 5 NBA 2K18 gameplay expectations

It has just been officially confirmed that the newest game in the NBA 2K series will be released this coming September. Specifically, NBA 2K18 will be released for gamers this September 19. With those that pre-order the game being able to get it 4 days earlier, on September 15. And if you are wondering what kind of NBA 2K18 gameplay expectations that you can look forward to, then you should finish reading this page. There is going to be a lot to look forward to in this new release of this basketball game series.

Same fun formula

There has not been a lot of official news and announcements about what kind of new gameplay features to expect for NBA 2K18, but there has been a trailer that has been released. And judging from that newly released trailer, it is sure thing that 2K Games is sticking to its tried and true formula for their latest release. In NBA 2K18, fans of the series can expect the same kind of addictive fun that got them hooked on previous NBA 2K games. However, that is not all as in the trailer several refinements of the game are obvious.

Realistic Graphics

It is clear that from the trailer of NBA 2K18, that the game’s graphics have been significantly been improved. You can see the game has been focusing more on realistic graphics. And you can see that if you check out the trailer yourself. The new realistic visuals are probably going to take advantage of the 4K resolution that the PlayStation 4. And these new graphics point towards the fact that NBA 2K18 will be the best looking game in this franchise. The graphics alone of NBA 2K18 are going to put it a step above the rest of the series.

Returning Modes

A lot of the fun game modes of the previous game are going to make their return this year as well. Players will get to play against other people in both the local and online multiplayer modes. In NBA 2K18, there is also the return of game modes such as MyLeague, MyCareer, etc. All of these different game modes promise to make NBA 2K18 just as fun as the other games in the franchise.

Exclusive content

Gamers will also gain access to a bunch of goodies and other exclusive content for the Legend Edition of NBA 2K18. For the physical version of the game, people can get a poster of Shaq, which is a limited edition one. There will also be Panini trading cards that feature their favourite players. And in the digital version of the game, players will also get a bonus 100,000 in virtual currency.

The details about what to expect for NBA 2K18 are still slim, as the company and news outlets have remained silent about what there is going to be in the new NBA 2K18. There is one thing for sure though, and that is there is going to be a lot of high hopes for new and fun NBA 2K18 gameplay expectations. And considering the track record of the previous NBA 2K games so far, there is a good chance that NBA 2K18 and its new gameplay features will not disappoint. So there is more than good reason to be hyped for NBA 2K18 this September.

The Nintendo Switch Sold Out Everywhere

The people at Nintendo never figured that the Nintendo Switch would be sold out everywhere so quickly. Well, perhaps they did and most others didn’t. The popular console has would be customers eagerly waiting for stores to re-stock their shelves.

nintendo switch grey

The Switch is the 7th major home videogame console that Nintendo has developed. It may also be one of its most successful yet. In fact, the Nintendo Switch is the fastest selling video game console in Nintendo’s history. The company cannot ship them fast enough to keep up with the public’s demands. But does that mean that Nintendo is back in the console(no pun intended) game business? Before the Switch, sales at Nintendo were not that great since the Wii U flopped.

What You Get In The Nintendo Switch

Even though the Nintendo Wii U was a failure for the company, the Switch was built around some of the ideas from that console. You can plug the Switch into your television just like a traditional console would. However, a person can continue seamless game playing if they decide to slide the two “Joy-con” controllers away from the screen. That makes it both a TV console and hand-held unit.

The Nintendo Switch also lets you play against friends and family. You can also play online with other Switch gamers just like you. Another great feature is the Switch’s ability to let you link up to 8 systems together. Parents can enjoy the parental controls the console has, to give them better control over what their kids do with the Switch.
Other great features include the removable joysticks on the side. Removing them can let you use the Nintendo Switch as a tablet or a hand-held video game console. You can use a single Joy-Con in each hand or give one to someone else. This all depends on the game you are playing.

The price for the Nintendo Switch begins at $299 and has bundles you can purchase as extras. But the bundles can end up raising the total to almost $500. Apparently, that has not stopped many from buying the Nintendo Switch since it is sold out everywhere. While the sales numbers could not have been better for Nintendo, there are concerns. The lack of production may hurt them in the long run. Plus, if another company comes out with a new console soon, those wafting for the Switch may opt for that one instead.

For now, Nintendo is very happy with the overall success and popularity the Switch is receiving. The truth is that people can’t get enough of the Switch and truly love the console. Many have compared the video game’s popularity to famous celebrities who everyone adores. There is no question that this console has been a much needed lift for the company. The only other console that had this much- success for Nintendo was the Wii. For now, those who want the Nintendo Switch will simply have to wait until the new batch arrives at stores.

The Greatest NBA Players List

When it comes to the NBA and who the greatest of all time players are, the arguments are many. Some feel that certain players should be included while others argue that some should not. There are also those that argue about the ranking positions given to certain players. One of the toughest jobs anyone can have is trying to rank NBA players by order. It is almost impossible to include a lot of names without leaving out others. Even if you create a top 100 NBA players of all time list, you will still run into problems.
Having 100 spots to fill is not enough since there have been so many great players in the history of the NBA. To make matters more complicated, you also have to consider current players. Historians will often leave out many of the best players in the NBA now in their listings.
No matter who you add to the NBA greatest players of all time list, there are those who feel that someone was left out. This is evident in many of the comments in articles which contain similar rankings. Fans also argue about the rankings of their favorite players. Some believe one may belong in the first place, while others believe it is someone else. In the end though, most do agree on who the GOAT is when it comes to the NBA.

No Argument On The Best Ever
In mostly every list we found that contained rankings and names of the greatest NBA players of all time, Michael Jordan was always there. Not only that, MJ was always ranked as number one. While there will be a few dissidents who argue that Lebron James should be at the top, most others do agree on Jordan though. That makes the part of who the best of all time NBA player argument is easier to win or lose. However, it does not make the ranking players after the first or second position, any easier. We decided to avoid opening up any arguments by simply adding some of the names of the GOATs without ranking them. Although we would have preferred to include more names, space was a factor we had to considered. Nonetheless, below are most of the names of NBA players who many feel are the best or greatest players ever.
Names that should be on the list of the best players in the NBA are the following:
Michael Jordan
As stated earlier, ranking MJ was not a problem for anyone since he is considered the greatest of all time. Jordan has a list of accomplishments in the NBA that would impress even non-fans. He led his team to win the NBA championship 6 times and each time he won the MVP’s Finals trophy. He also won the league’s MVP 5 times and made 14 All-Star appearances. Michael led the league in scoring 10 times as well.

Lebron James
The King or “The Chosen One” as many refer to him is a moniker Lebron seems to be taking seriously. He has already won 3 NBA Championships and he has won the Finals MVP each time as well. If James continues racking up stats as he is doing he may be in a position to dethrone Michael Jordan as the Greatest of all time. Lebron is a perfect combination of size, strength, athleticism and talent. All excellent ingredients that make any NBA player a legend.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
For 20 NBA seasons, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dominated the league. That may explain why he is the all-time leading scorer in the NBA. If that wasn’t impressive enough, you have to look at his 50% shooting average during all of those seasons save for the last. He was 41 years old by that time so we give him a pass. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar compiled 6 championships and 6 MVPs. He also had 19 All-Star appearances which is incredible to say the least.
Charles Barkley
The power forward was known for his penchant to grab rebounds. He was also known to be a brawler. But, he still a name on the list of great NBA players.

Elgin Baylor
Many NBA fans today have probably never heard of the name Elgin Baylor. However, the 11-time All Star managed to average 27 points per game during his time. He accomplished this feat despite playing without the 3-point shot.

Hakeem Olajuwon
Hakeem has a resume that can get him into the NBA greatest list without a problem. He was a 12-time All-Star, 2-time NBA Champion and an MVP. He was best known for his magnificent and unstoppable post moves.

Kobe Bryant
Although Kobe Bryant is not as big in size and hands as many other players in the NBA, he still managed to accumulate many stats during his career. He appeared in the All-Star games 17 times and has 5 NBA championships to his name.

Larry Bird
Larry Bird had the misfortune of playing at a time when the 3-point shot was considered a gimmick. That’s why he probably did not bother to take that many. Still, Larry managed to put up some impressive numbers during his illustrious NBA career. He has 3 NBA championships along with a long list of other honors.

Wilt Chamberlain
No list of the NBA greatest players could ever be assembled without mentioning the super Wilt Chamberlain. The super man averaged an unprecedented 50 points and 26 rebounds per game during a run of 80 games in 1962. He also holds the record for the most points scored in a game which is 100.
Other names worth mentioning are Magic Johnson, Tim Duncan, Bill Russell, Shaquille O’Neal, Oscar Robertson, Moses Malone, Jerry West and David Robinson.